Classified Formal Leave Backfill

Payroll Information

Classified Formal Leave Backfill

While a contracted classified employee is on an approved leave of absence, any hours that an hourly classified employee may work to assist during the contracted employee's absence is considered "medical backfill", subject to the limitations outlined the LCCEF Contract, and is exempt from the 1039-hour limitation for hourly classified staff work maximums. See Article for more information on the details and limitations of medical backfill.

Medical backfill eligibility ceases immediately upon the contracted employee returning to work at regularly scheduled hours or the conclusion of 120 working days of leave, whichever comes first.

Additionally, medical backfill hours may continue upon the contracted employee's partial return-to-work status; however, the hours worked by the contracted employee plus the medical backfill hours can not exceed the contracted employee's regularly scheduled hours.

Payroll Process for Backfill

Once an hourly classified employee has been identified, to document the formal medical backfill, a PAF will need to be completed for the hourly classified employee that will be performing the contracted employee's tasks. The position suffix should be "36", which indicates to payroll that the hours listed for this position are exempt from the 1039-hour maximum.

In the comments section of the PAF, you should list the contracted employee's position number (C1xxxx-xx) as the position that qualifies for medical backfill. However, due to confidentiality, please do not include contracted employee's name anywhere on the PAF, as the original will be scanned into the personnel file of the hourly classified employee. Reference to another employee would be a violation of the other's confidentiality.

Completed and signed PAFs should be routed to Human Resources for payroll processing.