Classification Review Process

Classification - Review Process

The Employee's Guide to the Classification Review Process

Preparing the Application:

  1. Complete Part I of the Classification Review form.
  2. Complete a Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ). Please refer to your copy of the most recent JDQ for your position as you complete this step. If you can't locate your copy of this form, contact Human Resources for assistance.
  3. Send or deliver the completed Classification Review form and job description questionnaire to Human Resources with a copy provided to your supervisor.
  4. Deadlines for submitting a reclassification are April 1 and October 1.

The Review Process:

  1. Human Resources will verify receipt of the completed classification review form and job description questionnaire by the immediate supervisor and will obtain statements of agreement and/or disagreement. The immediate supervisor has ten working days to return the completed review form and questionnaire to Human Resources. The immediate supervisor shall consult with the respective Executive Dean or VP and the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) during the ten (10) working days. The CHRO and the Union President, or designee, shall be ex-officio members of each reclassification team.
  2. The request will be assigned to a team of classification specialists within Human Resources. The review process is designed to be completed within 45 working days of the initial receipt. (The 45 working days could be extended by an additional 20 working days if a new or revised classification must be written. You will be notified in writing if an extension is necessary)
  3. A member of the classification study team will contact both you and your supervisor to set up desk audits.Notification of Results:Human Resources will notify you in writing of the results of the classification review. The allocation decision will include an explanation of the decision and a copy of the supervisor's comments. If the request is denied, you will be notified of your appeal rights and provided with a copy of the classification appeal form.

The Appeal Process:

If you, your supervisor, or the union should decide to appeal Human Resources's decision, you will have ten (10) working days from the date you receive written notification of the classification allocation decision to return the appeal form to Human Resources (an extension may be provided for an employee who is on approved leave). Human Resources will notify you to verify receipt of the appeal form, and the date of the scheduled appeal hearing. The Joint Review Committee (JRC) will consider your appeal. You will receive written notification of the committee's decision within twenty (20) working days from the date of receipt of the appeal form, including a reason for upholding or overturning the initial classification allocation decision.

Effective Date for Pay Changes:

Reclassification applications must be submitted by April 1 or October 1 of each calendar year, and these dates shall be consided the effective dates of the reclassification request.