College Information

College Information


4000 E 30th Ave
Eugene, OR 97405-0640 (most Federal applications require the full zip code)

Identification Numbers

Salaries and Wages

Benefits 2022

  • Contracted Positions – 67%
  • Part-time Positions – 40%

Indirect Cost Rates (college overhead)

  • DHHS federally negotiated rate -- 35% of salaries and wages; Off-campus: 13% (Rates valid from 06/23/2020- 07/01/2022) - valid until amended. Confirm with campus CFO.
  • Rate applies only to salary, but does not include OPE (fringe benefits). This means that using the de minimis rate in a given grant may be better.
  • Suggested rate for non-federal grants --10.0% of total direct costs

College Data