Student Evaluation of Instruction Form

Faculty Council & Office of Instruction

Student Evaluation of Instruction
Adopted Spring, 2001

The college through the Faculty Council has created this Student Evaluation of Instruction to provide one method for evaluating the quality of teaching. Results of the Student Evaluation of Instruction are for faculty to use for their own improvement and will contribute to decisions about the instructors employment.

INSTRUCTIONS: For each of the statements below, choose from these options:

  1. Strongly agree
  2. Agree
  3. Disagree
  4. Strongly disagree
  5. Does not apply

Put your answers on an NCS form. Use only a #2 pencil. Make a dark mark that completely fills the circle. If you must erase a mark, erase completely.

  1. What was taught agreed with the objectives stated in the catalog or course outline.
  2. The instructor exhibited an enthusiasm and interest in the subject.
  3. The instructor was knowledgeable in the subject.
  4. The instructor used class time effectively.
  5. The instructor respected people including those of different genders, religions, ethnic backgrounds, class status, abilities, and lifestyles.
  6. The instructor encouraged students to think.
  7. The instructor's teaching methods were effective in helping me learn the material.
  8. The instructor made an effort to be available to students.
  9. The instructor helped students understand the course material and find answers to relevant questions.
  10. The instructor treated students fairly and reasonably.
  11. The instructor encouraged students.
  12. Overall, the instructor was effective. Consider both the limitations and possibilities inherent in the subject matter and course.


INSTRUCTIONS: Write your responses to these questions and put the completed form in the marked envelope. If you are concerned about confidentiality of these remarks, your comments will be typed before they are given to the instructor. Put an "X" on this line_____ to have your answers typed. You may use the back of this sheet.

  1. What did you like about the class?
  2. How could this class be improved? Add any comments about the class and/or the instructor that you feel might be helpful or useful.

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