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This procedure describes the steps to be taken by the Lane Student Government Association and others when engaged in a voter registration drive.


The college supports non-partisan, student-led (peer-to-peer) voter registration drives, which have historically proven to be the most effective way to reach student populations, and recognizes the voter registration efforts led by the Lane Student Government Association (Lane SGA) in partnership with the Oregon Student Association and the Oregon Community College Student Association as the college's primary student voter registration drive. When possible, the college shall provide the material and financial means it deems necessary to ensure successful registration and turnout drives.

To ensure compliance with the institutional requirements set forth in Oregon Senate Bill 951 (2007) and the federal Higher Education Act, the advisor of the Lane Student Government Association shall request a copy of the Lane Student Government Association's (and/or the coalition of student vote groups') voter registration campaign plan a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of the academic year. The campaign plan must:

  1. Ensure all students receive information about voting and are aware of opportunities available on campus to register to vote;
  2. Ensure students receive information about activities relating to voting that are prohibited by law and the penalties for those activities;
  3. Ensure the distribution and collection of voter registration cards, as defined in ORS 247.002;
  4. Ensure voter registration cards are available in campus-owned student housing, campus bookstores, places where students register for classes, financial aid offices and student adviser offices;
  5. Include plans for institution administrators to communicate with faculty, staff and students about deadlines for voter registration; and
  6. Include a plan for campus-wide advertising campaign to advise students of the deadline for delivering ballots by mail and/or returning ballots to an official ballot drop-box location.

The college shall ensure that representatives of the voter registration drive have access to promote voter registration and voting at official college events for new and returning students (i.e. orientation) and information necessary to contact faculty to set-up short class presentations pertaining to student vote efforts.

This procedure was created with the input and support of the Lane Student Government Association and acknowledges many years of successful student-led, college-supported voter registration and turnout efforts. In the event there is no student-led voter registration effort, the advisor of the Lane Student Government Association and the Director of Government and Community Relations shall ensure the college is in compliance with the above stated state and federal requirements, which may be accomplished in the form of an email communication to the campus community including the information required above for a voter registration campaign plan. 

Date Adopted

Friday, June 1, 2012

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015