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This procedure describes the responsibilities of the donee department, the Facilities Management and Planning Department, and the LCC Foundation for the completion of all necessary and relevant paperwork. Departments may receive vehicles as donations.


When a vehicle is offered to the college as a donation, the department which intends to receive a donated vehicle ("donee department") shall complete all preliminaries such as desirability, acquisition date, Gift-In-Kind forms, etc. When the details of the donation are solidified, including valuation of the vehicle, Facilities Management shall be notified and a date and time set for actual delivery. The following process shall be used to acquire the vehicle.

  1. The donee department shall receive and take responsibility for the vehicle. Only department managers shall approve the acquisition of donated vehicles and sign applicable paperwork (such as Gift-In-Kind forms).
  2. The donee department shall deliver all associated paperwork to Facilities Management as soon as possible after receipt of the vehicle, preferably within two business days. Associated paperwork includes a copy of the Gift-In-Kind form, the original vehicle title, original copy of the current registration (if possible), the original copy of the bill of sale or other ownership transfer document (if available), and any other descriptive documents.
  3. The donee department shall deliver the original Gift-In-Kind form to the LCC Foundation for receipting and thanking the donor.
  4. The donee department shall determine whether the donated vehicle is to be retitled in the name of the college, salvaged, or dismantled (permanently withdrawn from roadworthiness, registration, and used for instructional purposes only,) and shall convey its determination to the director of Facilities Management .
  5. Following that determination, Facilities Management shall complete all necessary paperwork including submittal of the Department of Motor Vehicle forms and placement on inventory of both Fixed Assets and the Vehicles Spreadsheet within 30 days of acquisition of the vehicle.
  6. If the vehicle remains actively titled; i.e., not salvaged or dismantled, Facilities Management shall immediately provide the budget analyst with all information necessary to place the vehicle on the college's Automobile Liability Insurance Schedule.
  7. The donee department (to which the vehicle is or will be inventoried), pays all DMV fees including those for title, salvage, delivery, and processing, if any.
  8. Facilities Management shall store all associated documentation in its fireproof safe and shall provide the donee department with applicable copies of title and other documents.

Date Adopted

Saturday, June 1, 2002

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, August 31, 2015