Enrollment Services/Registrar


(541) 463-5686

Primary Contact

Dawn Whiting

Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs


This procedure designates Enrollment Services as the department that will handle all student-related subpoenas, and details the steps which will be taken when a subpoena is received.


  1. All student related subpoenas served on Lane Community College will be handled through Enrollment Services.
  2. The Lane Community College court representative shall be the Custodian of Student Records.
  3. The college attorney shall be consulted in the case of a questionable subpoena or subpoena which deviates from the standard.
  4. A Letter of Notice to the Student indicating that the student's records have been subpoenaed will be sent to the student in all cases. Five days is considered a reasonable time period for the student to respond to that letter and examine the records under subpoena. In cases where the subpoena requires instant action, a telephone call will be placed in an attempt to notify the student of the subpoena, and a Letter to the Presiding Judge will be submitted to the court along with the records.
  5. The standard college fee for making copies shall apply to all offices providing documentation. Additional costs beyond the amount included with the subpoena shall be billed to the agency serving the subpoena. Enrollment Services shall determine that amount and submit the bill.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015