Procedures: Adding, Revising or Deleting




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To describe how procedures in the College Online Policy and Procedure System may be added, revised or deleted.

This procedure does not apply to the addition or revision of policies, which are the responsibility of (1) the Board of Education; (2) the College governance council to which the content is assigned, or (3) the responsible administrator in the case of College policies outside the purview of the council governance system.


The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities requires that, "Through its governance and decision-making structures, the institution establishes, reviews regularly, and revises, as necessary, policies and procedures that promote effective management and operation of the institution." Lane's College Online Policy and Procedure System provides the college community with a written record of Board and College policies and procedures. COPPS includes only those policies and procedures that are generally applicable to more than one department or division of the College, and of broad relevance to employees, students, and/or the community.

Matters that pertain only to the internal policies and procedures of a given department or division are not considered within the scope of the online manual and are therefore not included. Links to these internal policies and procedures will be provided from COPPS where appropriate. Procedures relevant to collective bargaining should also be excluded from COPPS. Information on topics covered by the labor agreements will be included in formal agreements and on the Human Resources Department web site.

Adding or Revising a Procedure

The addition or revision of a procedure is the responsibility of College Administration. The "contact person" identified on each procedure is responsible for its development and revision. Changes in basic information; e. g. phone, contact name, email, may be submitted directly to For more substantive changes in content, the contact person must:

  • consult with all individuals who share responsibility for this procedure
  • complete this form for new or revised procedures
  • obtain College Legal Counsel approval as appropriate; e. g. if procedure is in response to legislation, or if there are possible liability issues
  • confirm accuracy, currency, and reflection of best practices
  • assign title that best describes the content of the procedure, with most important word(s) first; e. g. "Tuition waivers, Employee", not "Employee tuition waivers"
  • assure links to forms, FAQ's, etc. are current
  • assure information on web site mirrors new or revised language
  • ensure that your proposed changes are consistent with the format used in COPPS documents
  • submit the form, including any referenced forms, to
  • submit print copy, signed by contact person, to President's Office for archive
  • communicate the addition or revision to relevant College community members, and
  • identify and provide training as needed.

Deleting an Existing Procedure

The deletion of a procedure is the responsibility of the "contact person" identified on that procedure. The contact person must:

  • consult with all individuals who share responsibility for this procedure
  • identify the procedure to be deleted, and submit a brief statement explaining why the deletion is requested, to
  • submit print copy of the procedure and reason for deletion, signed by primary contact, to President's Office for archive
  • communicate the deletion to relevant College community members.

Annual Review

All procedures must be reviewed by the Primary Contact on an annual basis.


Collegewide - includes information of interest to the greater college community. It is recommended that departmental procedures be placed on departmental web pages.

Contact Person - is the individual who is designated to develop and/or modify the language of the procedure

Policies - formal statements of principles or rules that members of Lane Community College are expected to follow. Policies indicate the general course of action that should be taken in response to a particular event or situation. Policy is the "what."

Procedures - tell members how to carry out or implement a policy. They are the normal methods for following policies. Procedures indicate the specific steps that should be taken in response to a particular event. The procedure is the "how to."

Date Adopted

Sunday, August 1, 1999

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019