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Performing Arts

Primary Contact

Ellen Osterkamp

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Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs


This procedure describes how Lane instructors and students, and other members of the community, may apply for use of the College's performance hall.


All scheduling requests must be submitted in writing, including rehearsals, class use, student use, etc.

No one is authorized to make entries in the Performance Hall calendar other than the Performing Arts department administrative specialist.

  1. Initial request (see Division of the Arts In-House Facilities Reservation Form) is sent to the administrative specialist, who pencils the entry into the calendar, sends a copy of the request to the division dean and then gives the original to the department's facilities committee.
  2. The committee verifies the technical details of the request and determines if there are any problems that must be addressed, discussing concerns with principals and the division dean, as appropriate.
  3. The committee provides signature approval. When all signatures are obtained, the request is returned to the administrative specialist.
  4. The administrative specialist obtains division dean signature.
  5. The administrative specialist writes the confirmation date in the calendar. Only at this point is the request officially approved and the facility reserved. The administrative specialist adds the event to the R25 schedule.

All requests should be made as early as possible. Always allow a minimum of two weeks advance notice.

The only exceptions to this process are requests by instructors or students for the use of facilities on a daily basis. Instructors or students using facilities must be accompanied by a responsible Performing Arts faculty or staff member during use. In this case, the request is made to the administrative specialist and if the facility is open for the requested time that day, the activity will be penciled into the calendar.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015