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Infrastructure Council


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Jennifer Hayward

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Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President of Finance and Operations


This policy addresses the responsibility of the college to provide safe, secure restroom locations for all members of the campus and community.


In alignment with our Core Values, Lane Community College commits to welcoming, valuing, and promoting diversity among staff, students, and our community and to cultivating a respectful, inclusive, and accessible working and learning environment. Providing and maintaining access to single stall open-access restrooms is a key part of this commitment. 

Open-access restrooms provide safe, secure locations for a wide variety of individuals for whom traditional multi-stall gendered restrooms are inadequate and/or unsafe, including students, staff, and community members who are transgender, non-binary, gender questioning, queer, or gender-non-conforming, as well as those whose health, mobility, religious, family, parenting, or other needs are not met by multi-stall gendered restrooms.

Under this policy, and in alignment with the concepts of universal design, Lane will ensure that:

  • all single-stall restrooms currently on our campuses are clearly labeled as open-access restrooms
  • all individuals present on our campuses will have consistent access to restrooms designated as open-access without question or restriction
  • maps will be posted at the entrance of all gendered restrooms across our campuses that clearly indicate the nearest open-access restroom option
  • all online and printable campus building maps that include designations for gendered restrooms will also include clearly marked designations for open-access restrooms
  • all future buildings will be required to include one or more open-access restrooms per floor in their design and construction
  • all building remodels where the building footprint allows construction of open-access restroom(s) will incorporate one or more open-access restrooms into buildings where they do not currently exist
  • all future buildings include at least one public open-access restroom which includes a foot-washing station



Open-access restrooms are public, single-stall restrooms that are available and accessible for use to anyone present on our campuses.

Date Adopted

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, March 11, 2020