Name Change: Department or Service




Institutional Integrity


Marketing and Public Relations


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Primary Contact

Brett Rowlett

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Responsible Executive Authority

Executive Director of External Affairs


The purpose of this procedure describes the process that the college will follow when changing a department/service name. This procedure is does not cover college committees, their subcommittees, or ad-hoc groups.


Annual Procedure

To ensure name changes are accurately reflected in the college catalog, the following procedure and timelines must be followed.

By December 1 - The Executive Team provides name changes they recommend to Marketing and Public Relations to review according to the guidelines below.

By January 15 - Marketing and Public Relations will provide recommendations to the Cabinet for final review and adoption.

By February 15 - An updated list of names is distributed to college staff and used to create a new college-wide organization chart.

On April 30 - New names become official with the publication of the college catalog.

Guidelines for Naming Departments and Other College Units

Names should:

  1. Clearly communicate the basic work of the unit;
  2. Not duplicate or cause confusion with other college department names; and
  3. Be as short as possible. Long names are hard to remember and hard to use. Try to have fewer than 25 letters.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, February 10, 2021