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(541) 463-5558

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Lisa Rupp

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Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President, Finance & Administration


This procedure lists steps to take when turning in or reporting lost property. This procedure also describes action taken for locker contents.


Public Safety is the official repository for lost and found property on the main campus at 4000 E. 30th Ave. in Eugene.

Downtown Center – Academic, Lane Aviation Academy, the Florence Center & the Cottage Grove Center have alternate official repositories at their respective locations. Persons who find lost items at locations other than the main campus shall turn them in at the appropriate location. All other requirements of this procedure shall still be in effect.

Individuals may report lost property to Public Safety by phone at 541-463-5558, or in-person in the Public Safety Office on the main campus in Building 12, Room 200, where staff will assist in creating an entry in the “Lost and Found” log book. Individuals who find property should deliver it to the Public Safety office, or make arrangements for the property to be picked up by Public Safety staff, in order to assist Public Safety in returning the it to the owner. Lost property shall not be held in departments. See ORS 164.065 "Theft of Lost, Mislaid Property".

Whenever possible, Public Safety will notify the owner that lost property has been received. Officers will use available information, such as entries in the “Lost and Found” log book, as well as names and addresses or identification in books, backpacks, or other items. For items with a presumed value greater than $100, a notice will be mailed to the last known address of the owner.

Found property will be held as follows:

  • Property of no obvious monetary or sentimental value will be held one week.
  • Property of an estimated value up to $100, with no obvious sentimental value,
  • will be held for 30 days.
  • Items of an estimated value of over $100, or with obvious sentimental value, will be kept for 90 days.

If no owner can be located, or if the property is not claimed by the owner after the time period listed above, the found property will be either donated to a charitable organization or turned over to the college surplus property office, at Public Safety discretion.

An exception exists in instances where the individual who presents found property to Public Safety declares a wish to take possession of the property in the event it is not claimed by the owner. If the finder makes such a declaration to Public Safety, the property will be held for 90 days. In order to claim the found property, the finder must do the following:

  • To claim property valued under $100, the finder shall present evidence of advertising twice in The Weekly and The Torch, in order to claim the item.
  • To claim property valued over $100, the finder shall follow ORS 98.005 "Rights and Duties of Finder of Money or Goods".
  • Please note: staff may not claim property that was found as part of their official duties.

Contents of College Physical Education lockers are excepted from this procedure. Personal clothing and items with no obvious monetary or sentimental value which are left in Physical Education lockers at the end of the term will be kept at the Physical Education locker cage over the term break and through first week of the following term. Persons may claim their property there. Physical Education will donate unclaimed clothing to the student-run No-Cash Clothing Stash after the first week of classes each term. Non-clothing items with presumed sentimental or monetary worth will be taken to Public Safety when the lockers are emptied each term.

Lane Community College is not responsible for property not turned in to the Public Safety office. Personal property is the responsibility of the owner.

Date Adopted

Friday, March 14, 2003

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, April 19, 2017