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This procedure describes the numbering system that will be used for Independent Study, and assigns the criteria for an independent study course, and the responsibilities of departments and instructors.



Independent Study is defined as non-paid research and tutorial projects which do not overlap with Cooperative Education. The college will use the following catalog course number and description of Independent Study, in accordance with State Department of Education policy:

[Subject prefix]298. Independent Study

Prerequisite: [List the title and course number of the prerequisite or concurrent survey or introductory course.]

A non-paid, variable credit course based on independent study contracted between an instructor and a student. The emphasis will be in areas of student tutoring or research-related projects which provide an opportunity for students to pursue in-depth study in an area previously or concurrently covered in a survey or introductory course. The instructor will make the final determination on project validity and the credits earned. A student may enroll in only one Independent Study course in a given term. Independent Study may be repeated up to a maximum of 12 credits.


Departments offering Independent Study must provide the following before granting credit:

  1. A written contract between the instructor, the student and the instructional administrator. (Independent Study Agreement form);
  2. Written course objectives;
  3. Written documentation that demonstrates that the student fulfilled the course objectives through activities, tests, papers, or projects; and
  4. Documentation of conferences between the student and the instructor.

Departments must maintain Independent Study grade records and files in accordance with college policy in Grades: Records.

Date Adopted

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, October 1, 2014