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This procedure describes the process by which such a request may be initiated, and the criteria which may justify an internal search. Although the college's preferred method of hiring utilizes external advertisement (see Hiring Process), a department or unit may request an internal search on the basis of business necessity or special circumstances.



The following criteria will be used to review all requests for internal advertisement:

  1. Internal recruitment is required under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement or
  2. Minorities and women are not currently underutilized in the specific job group in question; and
    1. The department or unit can demonstrate that it does not have a pattern of conducting internal searches or a history of favoritism toward internal candidates or of denying equal opportunity to external candidates in previous employment actions, and
    2. The department or unit can show that it will put forth good faith efforts to recruit internal applicants and will provide equal opportunity to all who qualify, and
    3. The department or unit can show that a reasonable number of internal candidates meet the minimum requirements of the job and are qualified to perform the essential functions of the position.

Except for internal searches required under terms of a collective bargaining agreement, requests for internal advertisement must be submitted in writing. Internal searches required under terms of a collective bargaining process will be initiated by Human Resources. In all other instances, documentation of compliance with the criteria listed above must be provided. If the request for an internal search is approved, the department or unit will be required to complete and document all steps of the standard hiring process including screening, interviewing and reference-checking.


The following examples demonstrate special circumstances under which an internal search might be conducted.

  1. The college has an established procedure for filling a specific position internally due to the nature of the position. The college can show the written procedure that defends this practice. The college can develop written procedures at the time a new position is created to justify the internal search (e.g., faculty member moving into a non-teaching role on a rotating basis; faculty professional development; computer programmer trainees).
  2. According to a collective bargaining agreement the college must first open up new/vacant positions to internal candidates, and the college and union can demonstrate that this agreement is not discriminatory in effect.
  3. The college can show that a particular position requires specialized knowledge and experience that can only be gained within the college and that it would be an undue hardship on the college to train an external candidate to perform the duties of the position. This is a very rare circumstance and difficult to justify.

Date Adopted

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Thursday, October 9, 2014