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Vice President, Finance & Administration


This procedure describes how graffiti should be reported, and how it will be removed. Graffiti will not be allowed on any of the facilities associated with Lane Community College.



Graffiti may come in many forms such as painting or writing with pens or markers, or in the form of pictures, restroom partitions, trash cans, mirrors, doors, classroom student chairs or tables, and windows.  Graffiti incidents must be tracked and reported immediately, and a consistent and immediate response must be implemented. It is our intention to maintain the very best quality learning environment possible.  Removal of graffiti is a top priority for the Facilities Management and Planning (Facilities) department.

Definition: "Unauthorized writing or drawing on a public surface"


1.  If Graffiti is identified, immediately report it to the Public Safety office at extension 5558 during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm, OR at extension 5555 during evening or weekend hours. 

a. Report your name, the time of day, date, building number, level, room number, and exact location of the graffiti. For example, if it is marker writing on a mirror in a restroom, state this information.  If the graffiti is in a restroom, once reported, either the Facilities or Public Safety personnel will put a notice closing the restroom on the entrance door until the graffiti can be removed. Graffiti will likely be removed within hours of the reporting time.

b.  Public safety staff will take digital pictures, then notify the Facilities office at extension 5000 or email to confirm proper documentation has occurred before the graffiti is removed.

c.  Graffiti will not be removed until after either Public Safety staff or Facilities staff has taken digital pictures. If Facilities staff takes digital pictures, they shall be promptly emailed on the same day to the Public Safety department.  

2. Every graffiti incident regardless of the extent of the writing or drawing must be properly documented with digital pictures. If Public Safety staff is busy and unable to provide timely response, the Public Safety Officer may authorize that digital pictures be taken by Facilities department Painters or Custodians and forwarded to them directly.  Graffiti related emails must have the word "Graffiti" in the email subject field. 

a. Emails sent to Public Safety staff with digital pictures shall be sent to the following:

i.  Public Safety Officer authorizing Facilities staff to take pictures and send them.

ii.  Manager, Public Safety Department

iii. Director, Facilities Management and Planning

iv. to generate a work order to track the incident.

3. All graffiti incidents must be tracked on a Facilities department work order. No exceptions.

4. All graffiti incidents take top priority over all other work (non-life safety related).

5. Graffiti at satellite campus locations such as at Florence, Cottage Grove, Wildish Building, Mary Spilde Downtown Center, KLCC, and the Airport have the same top priority level as such incidents at the main campus.


All Graffiti must be reported, documented with digital pictures, isolated or covered until pictures are taken, and removed at the earliest possible date and time. 

Date Adopted

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, August 31, 2015