Grade Appeal Policy





Governance Council

Faculty Council


(541) 463-5686

Primary Contact

Dawn Whiting

Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President of Academic Affairs


This policy identifies the authority for the review and the process for change of a final grade(s) of credit courses, excluding College Now, upon request of the student.


Lane Community College establishes an interdisciplinary committee made up of faculty and staff to review and possibly change a student’s final grade(s), called the Grade Appeal Committee. The committee will be made up of five (5) faculty, including the chair, appointed by Faculty Council and with no two members from the same discipline, and two non-voting members: the Registrar or their appointee and a representative from Student Affairs not from the Registrar.

The Grade Appeal Committee may deny a grade appeal(s) solely on the student’s written appeal. However, when considering making a change to a grade, the Committee will contact the instructor and may decide to contact the student and/or others (i.e., other faculty experts in the area) to gather more information. In the event the instructor is not available, the committee will consult with another subject matter expert faculty member.

The Committee will email the student with a decision within 90 calendar days from the initial submission of the appeal. However, it may extend the time frame for 90 more calendar days for any reason (but must communicate the adjustment by email to the student).

Students have a right to a representative of their choice should a grade appeal hearing be called. 

Date Adopted

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, June 8, 2022