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This procedure describes the specific account numbers used in the College's chart of accounts.


All official college financial records are maintained under the supervision of the Director of College Finance.

The college's chart of accounts is maintained under the supervision of the Director of College Finance. Account numbers are determined using the college's chart of accounts and are used to properly classify transactions for various types of expenses incurred or revenues received by the college. The careful and accurate application of account numbers by all users will result in more accurate and meaningful financial information for decision-making purposes.

Lane's account number is called a FOAP. It stands for Fund, Organization, Account Code, and Program. Each section of the FOAP is 6 digits long for a total of 24 digits per FOAP.

The Fund is an accounting entity with a self-balancing set of accounts consisting of assets, liabilities, fund balance, revenues, expenditures, and transfers in & out. This way Lane can separate each fund to organize, manage and insure observance of limitations and restrictions placed on the use of resources.

The Organization tries to reflect the budget lines of authority starting from the sub-departments to the departments to the divisions to the vice presidents and finally to the president. It is used to organize and manage revenues and expenditures within these strata, to manage Fund/Org security and to facilitate approval queues.

The Account Code identifies differing sources of revenue and differing types of expenditures.

The Program is defined by NACUBO standards and the State of Oregon reporting requirements (this basically indicates if the expenditure is for Instruction, Instructional Support, Student Services, Community Services, College Support, Plant Operations and Maintenance, Plant Additions, Financial Aid and Debt Service).

As an example a Banner FOAP could look like:
The Fund for the General Fund is 111100
The Organization for Arts Division's Design & Drawing is 621305
The Account Code for Operating Supplies is 611500
The Program for Lower Division Transfer/General Academic is 111000

Put all together:

Fund Org AcctCode Program
111100 621305 611500 111000

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, August 31, 2015