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This procedure defines the characteristics of the three major employee groups, and the subcategories within each of these groups. It also assigns responsibility to the department administrator and the Human Resources Department for assigning and changing the employment category of a budgeted position, and provides the procedure to be followed.


There are 3 major categories of college employees: classified, faculty and management. All employees fall into one of these categories for personnel and payroll purposes. Employees with multiple assignments may fall into more than one category.

Each of the 3 major employment categories can be broken down into many additional sub-categories: hourly or salaried; budgeted or non-budgeted; category 1 or category 2; academic year or fiscal year; credit or noncredit; bargaining unit or non-bargaining unit; grant/contract-funded or general fund.

Assigning An Employment Category To A New Budgeted Position

When a new budgeted position is created, the department administrator is responsible for recommending the appropriate employment category for the position. This recommendation must be based on a written job description for the position (see Employee Job Descriptions) and must comply with employment law (including Oregon Revised Statutes 243.650 [23]) and the appropriate labor contract guidelines. The recommended employment category for the new position is shown on the Request to Post Position Form (see Hiring Process). For assistance with this recommendation and more information about each category, contact Human Resources.

Human Resources is responsible for reviewing the employment category recommendation for all new positions. The recruitment process cannot begin until all concerns about the employment category are resolved.

Changing The Employment Category Of An Existing Budgeted Position

The department administrator is responsible for recommending employment category changes when the core duties of an existing budgeted position are changed in such a way that they fall outside the original employment category. This change in employment category must be reviewed and approved according to the procedure outlined in Employment Category Changes.


Academic Year Employee

A classified, faculty or management employee whose work schedule is set with reference to the academic year . Generally academic year employees work September through June and are not scheduled to work during academic term breaks, such as Christmas break, spring break and the summer break.

Bargaining Unit

A group of classified or faculty employees with similar collective bargaining interests, that has been designated by the Employment Relations Board or voluntarily recognized by the public employer to be appropriate for collective bargaining under ORS 243.650-782. Separate bargaining units have been designated for classified and faculty employees of the college. Whether individual employees are included in or excluded from these bargaining units is governed by the collective bargaining agreements.

Budgeted Position

Contracted faculty, management and .50 FTE or greater classified positions that go through the position budgeting process and are approved by the board of education.

Category 1 Employees

Hourly, classified employees who engage in work assignments and employee activities that are comparable, in terms of technical skills required and responsibility assigned, to those of classified employees in budgeted positions. These employees are paid at hourly rates comparable to those of full-time employees.

Category 2 Employees

Hourly, classified employees who engage in work assignments that require a lower technical skill level or are assigned lower levels of responsibility levels than those of classified employees in budgeted positions. These employees are paid at 80 percent of the appropriate hourly full-time rate or as provided otherwise under the Classified Contract. The hourly rate may not be less than the minimum hourly wages established by law.

Classified Employees

Classified employees perform a wide variety of clerical, technical, maintenance, and instructional support activities in support of college programs and activities. Classified employees may be assigned "lead worker" responsibilities but as provided in ORS 243.650 (23) may not supervise other employees.

Credit Faculty

Faculty employees who teach courses for which college credit is granted.


An individual with whom the college has established an employer/employee relationship (see Independent Contractors: Definitions)

Faculty Employee

Those employees engaged in direct instruction and related instructional activities. Included in this group are credit instructors, a group of designated noncredit instructors, librarians, counselors, student health nurses, coaches, and athletic trainers. Faculty may be assigned "lead instructor" responsibilities but as provided in ORS 243.650 (23) may not supervise other employees.

Fiscal Year Employee

A classified, faculty or management employee whose work schedule is not tied to the academic year calendar.

General Fund Position

Classified, faculty or management positions funded from the college's general fund.

Grant or Contract-Funded Position

Classified, faculty or management positions funded by external sources including grants, contracts and cooperatives.

Hourly Employee

A classified, faculty or management employee who is compensated on the basis of hours reported on an Individual Time Report. Monthly earnings are variable for hourly employees who work an irregular schedule.

Management Employee

Those employees excluded from the classified and faculty bargaining units under Oregon collective bargaining law (ORS 243.650-782) because they have either:

  1. Supervisory responsibilities; or
  2. Access to information that is confidential to the collective bargaining process.

This category includes both supervisors and confidential support staff performing office support duties.

Noncredit Instructor

A faculty employee in one or more of the college's noncredit programs, such as Community Education, Services for Employers and Businesses, Training & Development, Adult Basic and Secondary Education, or English as a Second Language.

Non-Budgeted Positions

Employee assignments funded from nonscheduled classified or noncontracted faculty salary accounts.

Salaried Employee

A regularly scheduled classified, faculty or management employee who is in a budgeted position and compensated according to the position FTE and the individual's salary placement on a negotiated salary schedule. Monthly earnings for salaried employees generally remain constant, except for certain academic year classified employees, or when leave without pay is taken.

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Saturday, May 1, 1999

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