Disabilities: Accessibility Statements for Students and Community






Center for Accessible Resources


(541) 463-5150

Primary Contact

Mandie Pritchard

Contact Email

Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President Student Affairs


Information about the Center for Accessible Resources, accommodations, and campus or program access for students must be effectively communicated. It is the purpose of this procedure to identify the ways in which the availability of support or assistance is communicated.



To provide effective methods for communicating information to the college community about the Center for Accessible Resources, accommodations, and access to Lane's campuses, programs, websites. These statements encourage students and community members to speak up about disability issues without being asked (which can violate their privacy).

1.  Syllabus Access Statement

To appear on every class syllabus and may be posted in department offices or classrooms. Font should be 12 point or larger and easy to read.

Accessibility and Accommodations:

Lane Community College (LCC) is dedicated to providing inclusive learning environments. The Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) coordinates all academic accommodations for students at LCC. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers due to a disability, to request assistance or accommodations, contact the Center for Accessible Resources 541-463-5150 or accessibleresources@lanecc.edu.

Please be aware that any accessible tables and chairs in this room should remain available for authorized students who find that standard classroom seating is not usable.

2.  Publication Access Statement

To appear on Lane's major publications or posted information. Font should be Arial 12 point (or larger) and easy to read. Location should be reasonably accessible for that publication.

To request this information in an alternate format, please contact the Center for Accessible Resources at (541) 463-5150 or accessibleresources@lanecc.edu.

3. Event Access Statement 

To appear on all announcements/publications for Lane events or activities (e.g., non-classroom activities, such as performing arts productions, community workshops, special events, field trips, etc.). Font should be Arial 12 point (or larger) and easy to read.

To request accommodations for or advertisements about this event in an alternate format, contact the Center for Accessible Resources at 541-463-5150 or accessibleresources@lanecc.edu in advance. Some accommodations may take additional time to arrange.

Date Adopted

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, July 2, 2019