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Vice President of Academic Affairs


This policy describes the specific responsibilities of academic areas, enrollment services, and the college administration for approval and review of credit for prior learning credit.


Lane Community College will evaluate credits from other reputably accredited colleges or universities to be applied toward Lane certificate or degree requirements. Other approaches to college credit include several types of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL); these are accepted according to the Oregon Credit for Prior Learning Standards set by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. Discipline faculty are responsible for establishing how CPL is accepted, while Enrollment Services, in partnership with discipline faculty, is responsible for determining official acceptance of CPL to meet college requirements.

Request for Credit for Prior Learning

LCC accepts CPL as a way to obtain credit for evidence-based assessment of learning that occurs outside of traditional college-level coursework. Students may only be awarded CPL for courses for which they request credit. Internally assessed credit for prior learning may be granted only for documented prior learning that aligns with Lane's regular course offerings, as described in the current Lane catalog. Not all prior learning will qualify for credit. Each division or discipline can determine which of its courses can be awarded as CPL. Students cannot request CPL for courses for which they have already earned credit.


Credit awarded for prior learning will be posted on the student’s academic transcript in accordance with the standards of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Externally assessed CPL is transcripted in the same manner as transfer credit and is not considered institutional credit.

Responsibility for Evaluation of Credit

Credit may be granted only upon the recommendation of teaching faculty who are appropriately qualified and are on a regular appointment with the college on a continuing basis, or, in the absence of faculty on a continuing appointment, other qualified faculty within the discipline.

Date Adopted

Monday, December 1, 2003

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, April 14, 2021