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College Finance

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Laura Aung

Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President of Finance and Operations


To delineate the steps involved in generating, examining, and endorsing purchase orders, with the aim of guaranteeing that acquisitions are carried out promptly, proficiently, and economically, in compliance with ORS 279B.


Contracting and Purchasing Process Work Flow

This is a brief and general overview of both state law and college procedures. Therefore, it should not be considered a complete or comprehensive explanation of either source. While the college has a decentralized purchasing system, it is not expected that all employees will invest the time required to investigate every detail of the relevant laws. It is strongly recommended that users consult with Purchasing Services before beginning procurement with a value of $10,000 or greater.

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Flowchart description:

Once you've decided a procurement is wanted, if the contract value is less than $3000, determine if this is allowable P-card usage. If yes, use your P-card. If no, create a purchase order in Banner and add a quite in Soft-docs.

If the contract value is greater than or equal to $3000, determine if the contract value is less than $10,000. If it will be, create a purchase order in Banner and add a quote in Soft-docs.

If the contract value is greater than or equal to $10000, contact purchasing services to determine whether to use Bids/Quotes, Proposals or an exception to select the vendor. If the contract value is greater than or equal to $150,000 Purchasing Services will prepare documents for the Board of Education and the proposed contract will be placed on the Board's agenda for approval. If the contract value is under $150,000 the procurement department will issue a PO, to be approved by the department manager, purchasing services, and if necessary an AVP, VP, and the College President. Any contract required are signed by the appropriate college official, and the PO and contract are sent to the vendor.

Useful Question and Answers:

  1. Hiring of Independent Contractor
    Follow the COPPS procedure independent-contractors
  2. How to create purchase order in Banner
    Follow the link PO in Banner
  3. Uploading quotes and supporting documents
    Proposal and Quotation Tabulation Form
  4. What is the limit of change order?
    Amendment(s) shall not exceed a total of thirty-three percent (33%) of the original Contract Price for goods and services or twenty-five percent (25%) over the original Contract Price if the Contract is for public improvements, public works, or general trade services and the amount of the amended Contract is defined as a Small or Intermediate Procurement as these thresholds are defined in CCR.331.
  5. How to process the change order
    1. Request on Etrieve - change order
    2. After approval, change in Banner : change order in Banner
  6. Submitting the purchase order
    The Banner System only permits the Requestor to print the order. The Requestor must print and provide the purchase order to the vendor, and confirm the delivery date.
  7. Training
    To request technical training, please contact Purchasing Services.
  8. Receiving the Purchase Order
    Shipments can be sent to the Receiving Room and will be subsequently delivered to the relevant department. You can inquire with the Receiving and Mail Room to check on the arrival of your package. If the total amount of the shipment exceeds $500, the Requestor must submit the packing list along with the invoices.
  9. Payment
    Purchase order invoices must be sent to the Accounts Payable/College Financing team through Softdoc's invoice submittal feature. If necessary, the AP team will contact the Requester and confirm receipt before payment. The standard payment term is Net 30. In the event that advance payment is required, please consult with the Procurement/AP team prior to placing the order.
  10. Product Return/Dispute
    If there is a need for product return or dispute, the Requestor can directly communicate with the vendor and notify the Accounts Payable team to hold reimbursement until the issue has been resolved.
  11. Ecommerce orders (Amazon, etc)
    The Requestor is required to enter the purchase order and place the order on the vendor's website using the reference PO number. Access to the LCC business account can be requested through Procurement Services.
  12. Purchasing of Office /Class Room Furniture
    Office and classroom furniture can be purchased from the college's preferred vendors who have been awarded government contracts. Procurement Services can provide assistance in obtaining ergonomic furniture or quotation. Please contact Procurement Services for more information.
    1. Steelcase Modular furniture from the vendor Hyphyn
    2. Staples
    3. Office Depot

Contract and Procurement Services Contact

  1. Please email to



Responsible for identifying the requirement for a purchase, furnishing precise details, ensuring adherence to policies, requesting a new vendor in Soft-docs (if required), entering the PO in Banner, attaching quotes and other relevant documents in Soft-docs, reviewing and submitting invoices in Soft-docs, and reporting any inconsistencies or discrepancies.


Responsible for reviewing and endorsing purchase requests, confirming adherence to budgetary requirements, guaranteeing the best possible value for the purchase, approving purchase orders, overseeing delivery, and resolving any problems or conflicts that may arise. Budget Managers and higher-level personnel are among those who may serve as Approvers.

Purchasing Department:

Responsible for reviewing and assessing purchase requests, choosing and negotiating with vendors, providing assistance to ensure the creation of precise purchase orders, approving ALL purchase orders, monitoring delivery as necessary, and resolving any problems or disputes that may arise.

Accounts Payable:

Review and verify the accuracy of invoices and related documents, ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and LCC policies, process payments to vendors in a timely manner, and maintain accurate records of transactions.

Date Adopted

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, June 6, 2023