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Lane Community College strives to maintain an inclusive and safe learning environment with clean classrooms and labs available for use by all students. In general, drinks with spill proof lids may be allowed in learning spaces, and food is not allowed in any learning spaces. The purpose of this policy is to describe conditions under which food and drink may be allowed in learning spaces.


Many classrooms are outfitted without trash bins, and some classrooms accommodate more than 150 students in a day. Custodial staffing limitations, lack of budget to replace flooring, and pest infestations provide the context for these constraints. Conditions and exceptions are noted below. Faculty are encouraged to allow short breaks during long class sessions so that all students may step into the hall to consume a quick snack.


Exceptions and Conditions:

  1. Drinks with spill-proof lids may be allowed in learning spaces except where materials, equipment or activities prohibit the use of cups with spill-proof lids (e.g., labs). 
  2. Food or drink may be allowed in learning spaces for instructional purposes.
  3. No exception to the food or drink policy will be allowed in any laboratory spaces on campus due to health and safety considerations.
  4. College functions that include the serving or consumption of food or drink as part of the activity are exempt from this policy with the condition that cleanup is provided for.
  5. Students with a reasonable, approved accommodation(s) established with the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR), where health and safety are not compromised, are exempt from this policy. When health and safety are compromised, the instructor will consult with CAR to determine an appropriate alternative.

Note: If Custodial staffing increases such that classrooms are consistently cleaned once per day and such that the Custodial department can meet the APPA Level 3 Cleaning standard with 28,000 ft2 of building space to clean per Custodian, this policy should be revisited to consider allowing non-messy snack foods. At the time of this policy review, Custodial staffing levels are at APPA Level 5 with 62,000 ft2 of building space to clean per Custodian.  


Date Adopted

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Thursday, January 11, 2024