Archives Information

Archives Information

The Archives - Mission

The Archives - Mission

The Archives is the official repository of records for Lane Community College and the guide to its past. The Archives identifies, collects, and preserves materials that document the history, organization, policies, operations, mission and goals of the college. The Archives ensures that college records with historical or enduring value are available for research and reference.

Location & Hours -

Office Hours: By Appointment

Archives and Records Management is located on Main Campus Building 4, Room 108, Eugene, OR 97405, USA.


Vacant, Archivist, Archives and Records Management
Phone: (541) 463-3450

Research & Use

Archival materials are open for research by the administration, staff, faculty, and students of the college as well as to interested members of the community. The Archives provides access to the materials and assistance in identifying and using appropriate materials. 

Researchers may stop by the Archives office at any time during regular hours, Monday-Friday, or reference requests may be made by telephone or email. The Archives will furnish copies of documents and photographs at a nominal cost.

Archival materials do not circulate and must be used in the Archives office under supervised conditions. Reference procedures are designed to ensure the preservation of the records for future researchers.

History of the Archives

The Archives and Records Management program was formally established by the Lane Board of Education in 1974 in compliance with Oregon state law governing the retention and disposition of public records. Before that, the Archives program had been part of the Learning Resource Center (1972-1975). Between 1975 and 1985, the Archives program was administratively under Business Operations (1975-1978) and its successor Administrative Services (1978-1985). The Archives was administratively part of the Personnel Services Office, 1985-2002, and Information Technology, 2002-2006.

As a result of budget reductions in 2006, the Archives was reduced to to .5 FTE, and the Micrographics program was eliminated. In July, 2006, the Archives was moved administratively into the Library.


Barbara Fisher, 1972-1974
Randy Mafit, 1974-1977
John Wilson, 1977-1979
Margaret Knutson, 1979-1983
Steven Lange and Nita Arntzen (interim), 1983-1985
Steven Lange, 1985-1988
Michael Ridderbusch, 1988-1995
Elizabeth Uhlig, 1996-2013