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Shelley Tinkham

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Vice President of Academic Affairs


In order to assure that students have access to their instructors, this policy provides expectations for office hours for all instructors that teach credit classes.


Contracted faculty will be generally available, e.g., responding to email, holding office hours, or otherwise communicating with students, whether in-person or online, every day of the work week. Instructors (contracted and Part-time) will have at least one scheduled office hour each week for each section taught, not to exceed 5 hours per week if more than five sections are taught. Instructors teaching less than 1.0 FTE (contracted and Part-time) will hold scheduled on-campus office hours no less than one day per week, unless teaching entirely online. Efforts shall be taken to schedule office hour/s at a time convenient for students enrolled in the class section, with consideration to program scheduling. Any exceptions to the above practices must be approved in writing each academic year by the division or department dean or director.


An office hour is a pre-determined and published 50-minute time slot when an instructor is available to meet with students. An office hour may be held face-to-face or via synchronous online communication (including chat, video conference, etc.).

Date Adopted

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, June 9, 2021