Paper Recycling Guidelines

Paper Recycling Guidelines

paper recycling


Basically all paper that is used for writing or packaging is recyclable. Envelopes with labels, paper with staples, paper with binding, post-its, paper ream wrappers, thin cardboard packaging (cereal box). No pizza boxes or food-encrusted paper.

Paper With Labels And Tape Is Okay
Staples & Paper Clips Are Okay

BOOKS: Place 2-3 books inside a recycling barrel. If you have more than that, please box them and call Recycling Services at 541-463-5714 for a special pick up.

CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL: Place shredded paper, in bags, inside of or next to the paper barrel OR call Recycling Services at 541-463-5714 to arrange for your confidential material to be shredded for you. All confidential material is stored securly.

(print a copy of the paper recycling guidelines to post above your recycling area)


Inside Buildings: Recycle paper in the blue barrels labeled for paper recycling that are located in every building on campus. In many buildings on campus (Buildings 2,4,5,10,15,16, and 30), you will find built in cabinetry for recycling.

photo of new recycling station  photo of "Blue Barrel" Recycling Containers


Please place all acceptable paper in the paper bin. There is no need to separate by grade, type, or color.

What should NOT be recycled?

Paper plates, paper cups, carbon paper, napkins, paper towels, tissue, non-tearing paper-plastic blends, candy wrappers.