Landfill Guidelines

Landfill Guidelines



Huh? Landfill guidelines? And why the word "landfill" opposed to "trash" or "garbage"?

About three years ago, Lane Recycling began referring to discards that can not be reused or recycled as "landfill". Opposed to words like "compost" or "recycling", words such as "trash" or "garbage" are nowhere words. That is, they do not accurately describe the destination for the material. "Landfill" is more accurate and concrete in that is accurately describes where the material is going. The goal is to get people to think more completely about where they send material when they decide to discard it.

Any item that does not fit into Lane Recycling's guidelines should be placed in the landfill. Chip bags, candy wrappers, hot and cold cups from off campus (unless labeled as compostable), Styrofoam, mixed material (such as plastic glued to paper), most rigid plastics (such as a CD jewel case), plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags. (At this time, Lane does not have a vendor to purchase rigid plastics and plastic shopping bags). Coffee cups from off campus locations that are not labeled compostable have a plastic lining between the paper layers and must be land filled.

Since our goal is to reduce the amount of material going into the landfill, if you have questions about whether if you should discard something or not, please contact Recycling.


Please place discards into one of the inside or outside landfill containers. Most landfill containers have recycling next to them, so please make sure that if you need to discard something, make sure you can't recycle it.


We are all very conditioned to throw things out. Give some thought before you discard. Contact Recycling if you have questions.