Electronics and Appliance Recycling Guidelines

Electronics and Appliance Recycling Guidelines

Computer Recycling

Any computer or computer peripherals (monitors, mice, usb cables, external hard drives, etc.) must be recycled, regardless of their condition. In fact, any item with a circuit board must be properly recycled to ensure a variety of toxic materials do not go into the landfill. Aside from toxic material, computers also have many valuable materials that can be captured, sold, and remanufactued into new components. All of Lane Community College's electronics recycling is sent to either Next Step Recycling or St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, both certified e-recyclers. These recyclers ensure material is safely deconstructed and stored, is sent to certified processors for processing (to ensure this material is not shipped to developing countries and processed by illegal labor), and ensures destruction of any remaining data on hard drives either through hard drive shredding or United States Department of Defense drive cleaning procedures.

To send electronics to recycling, please submit a work order to have this material picked up.

If you are unsure if you should send your computer or peripherals to recycling (many items can be reused by the college), please contact Information and Academic Technology.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has more information concerning electronics waste.

If you are looking for a place to recycle your home electronics, visit the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's E-cycles page to find a certified recycler.

Appliance Recycling

Please send all appliances to Surplus Property so that they may be properly recycled. This includes items such as refrigerators, coffee makers, tea pots, desk fountains, clocks, etc. A good rule of thumb is that if you plug it in or put batteries in it, you should sent it to be recycled. Many modern appliances have a small circuit board that must be recycled. Please empty the contents of all refrigerators prior to sending them to recycling!

To send appliances to recycling, please submit a work order to have them picked up.