Administrative Program Review

Administrative Program Review

Program review was launched in 2011 in response to accreditation requirements. Although Lane strives to meet and exceed accreditation requirements, the underlying philosophy of program review is based on continual improvements made by the people doing the work.

The purpose of program review is to enhance the program and the student experience.

Program review is an ongoing continuous improvement cycle focused on enhancing the student experience. It is structured as a self study to evaluate and enhance the quality, currency and effectiveness of programs and services. Program reviews help inform institutional strategic planning and resource allocation. 

Working in program review teams you will study the program, create a vision for the future, develop a plan to strengthen the program and document your work.

See the Program Review Overview Infographic and additional resources below for more information.

Administrative Program Review Cycle


The diagram above illustrates the four-year program review cycle. Year 1 includes a collaborative research process culminating in a report with recommendations for improvement. Year 2 includes the creation and submission of an action plan and administration response. During year 3 and 4 implementation continues. In year 4 the effectiveness of changes are evaluated. Brief annual updates are provided to administration (except year one). Once the cycle has been completed, it is begun anew.