FRA Agreement

Faculty Recognition Awards Committee Agreement

I. Mission Statement

Faculty Recognition Awards recognize Faculty members for their contributions to the core values of Lane Community College (LCC).

II. Roles

1. The Faculty Recognition Awards (FRA) Committee, otherwise referred to in this document as "the committee", manages and coordinates the Faculty Recognition Award process:

  • Maintains committee membership
  • Seeks and collects nominations
  • Selects awardees from nominations
  • Organizes presentation of awards

2. The committee communicates and collaborates with all members of LCC community as needed to accomplish the mission.

III. Membership

  1. Minimum membership on the committee shall consist of 3 faculty representatives, 1 management representative, and 1 classified staff representative. Larger membership is desirable and there is no maximum size. Membership will be openly solicited by the committee.
  2. It is desirable for membership to be representative of the organizational diversity of LCC (i.e. as many of the divisions and departments represented as possible.)
  3. Membership in the Faculty Recognition Award Committee is a volunteer activity and there is no term limit on membership (membership is not limited and thus no term limit does not prevent new members from joining.) If committee size becomes so large as to be operationally difficult, the FRA Committee has the authority to deal with the issue as needed.

IV. Operation

  1. The FRA Committee will have a chair person selected by the committee members. The chair will be a faculty member and will be responsible for organizing meetings and overseeing and ensuring the FRA activities are completed each term in a timely manner. The chair also acts as the point of contact for the committee and is responsible for responding to external enquiries. The chair can delegate responsibilities as needed.
  2. The FRA Committee will meet at least once each term to review nominations and select awardees. Additional meetings are convened as needed.
  3. The FRA Committee is supported by Faculty Council and by the Office of Instruction and Student Services, but operates as an independent committee.
  4. Each FRA recipient receives a framed certificate and a gift certificate for luncheon for 2 in the Renaissance Room. Typically presentations are made the week before finals week and are usually made in the recipient's classroom.

V. Faculty Recognition Award Selection Principles

  1. All faculty are eligible to be recognized.
  2. All members of the LCC community (faculty, managers, classified, students, alumni) are able to nominate a faculty member.
  3. Nominations address the faculty member's contributions to one or more of the LCC core values.
  4. The recognition award process will happen each academic term except for summer term.
  5. More than one faculty member may be recognized each term.
  6. Anonymous nominations or self-nominations are not accepted.
  7. A faculty member may only receive the award once in a twelve month period.
  8. Selection by consensus of the committee is the norm and the desirable selection method. If this is not achievable, selection by a super majority of 2/3 may be used as an alternative.
  9. Nomination quality is the principle determinant in Awardee selection. Personal knowledge of members will not be brought into the decision process.
  10. History of nominations may be used to help decide a final selection.

VI. Communication

  1. The FRA Committee will communicate with the LCC community to keep them informed. Specific communications regarding nominations and awards will include flyers, posters, emails, notices in the LCC electronic newsletter, notices on web sites, and other methods determined by the FRA committee.
  2. LCC President recognizes faculty awardees at the Spring Conference.
  3. A Faculty Recognition Award web site shall be maintained on LCC's web site