Student Course Evaluations

Student Course Evaluations

In order to provide feedback to faculty who are teaching courses here at Lane we have an online student course evaluation system that provides an opportunity for faculty to ask questions of their students. Faculty Council supports and recommends use of this student course evaluation service in performing the end of term course evaluations.

In order to get access to the service you can use the following link with your L-number and passphrase.

Using the Course Evaluation System

If you are faculty and having student course evaluations done this term you might want to check with your manager or administrative coordinator to see if they have activated the course evaluations for your courses.

Managers and Administrative Coordinators can mark a course for evaluation using either of the following methods:

If you, as a faculty member are not scheduled for evaluation and would like to mark a course for evaluation, you can do so yourself. You do not need to wait for your manager or administrative coordinator to mark the course. You can follow these instructions to mark your own courses for evaluation:

Sometimes faculty members have a research goal and want to improve the course materials, instruction method, textbook, or something else. Having the ability to customize the questions on the student course evaluation can be very valuable. The online student course evaluation system provides a way to customize the questions. Use can use the following instructions:

It is probably a good idea to put instructions in your Moodle shell or somewhere in your classroom. Students can follow these instructions for doing their evaluations:

It is a good idea to encourage your students to fill our their evaluations early if possible. You might want to encourage your students multiple times so that you can get a higher response rate. Students filling out the evaluations can do so on their own machines, in computer labs here on campus, and in many cases on their mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Please encourage your students to complete their evaluations early.

Two days after the due date for final grades the evaluation results will be made available to you. If you need help seeing the results you can use these instructions: