Council Appointments

Faculty Council Appointments

The faculty council appoints and recommends faculty members to serve on various governance councils and committees here at Lane Community College. These appointments are generally for a period of 2-3 years, but can be extended. The following are the current appointments/recommendations from the faculty council.

Governance Councils

Governance Council Faculty Council Appointment
College Council (FC Co-Chair) Kevin Steeves
Diversity Council Rachel Knighten
Student Success Council Laura Pelletier, Judith Kelly, Jessica Alvarado
Infrastructure Council Rick Glover


Committee/Taskforce Appointments (Approval/Reappointment Date)
Full-Time Faculty Position Recommendation Committee (FPRC) Sam Gibeau (Fall 22)
Technology Advisory Committee Lee Imonen (Fall 22)
Academic Requirements Review Committee Social Science - Christina Salter (May 2018)
Science - Linnea Vose (Fall 22)
Counseling - Anthony Hampton (Dec 2017)
Career/Professional - Brenda Williams (Dec 2017)
LLC - Anne McGrail (May 2014) (May 2016)
LLC - Kate Sullivan (Feb 2019)
Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Anne McGrail (June 2017)
Dennis Gilbert (May 2015)
Christina Howard (May 2015)
Sharon Hagan (May 2015)
Kevin Lewis (May 2015)
Kate Sullivan (May 2015)
Tammy Salman (April 2016)
Shannon Ball (2018)
Rachel Knighten (2018)
Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee
Corey Murphy (Fall 22)
Jeffrey Borrowdale (Dec 2011)
Michael Samano (Dec 2011)
Terry Dale (Jan 2013)
Gerry Meenaghan (Dec 2015)
Anne McGrail (June 2017)
Steve McQuiddy (June 2017)
Claudia Owen (June 2017)
Julie Lindsey (April 2018)
Caoimhin O'Fearghail (April 2018)
Paula Thonney (April 2018)

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Karen Krumrey (Fall 22), Jen Sacklin, Gina Szabady