Classified Employee Selection Guidelines

Classified Employee Recognition Award

The Classified Employee Recognition Award is suspended until further notice.

Selection Information and Criteria

Basic Eligibility Employment Requirements
Must be employed .5 FTE or more at time of nomination
Must have worked at Lane for at least one year prior to being nominated

How many times can someone be nominated?
An individual may be nominated an unlimited number of times, by several people; however, the nominee can only receive one award per fiscal year.

What happens if my nominee is chosen for an award?
We will notify you via email that he/she was chosen. We will also notify his/her manager. If you work closely with this person, we may ask you to help us find a convenient time to have someone from the Executive Team present the award.

What if my nominee is not chosen for an award?
If your nominee is not selected during our next award cycle (which is the end of every term) we will retain the nomination form for future terms.

What criteria do you use to choose your awardees?
The committee will choose from all applicants based on the quality of the nomination and the impact the classified employee has had on the College.

Who decides which nominees get awarded?
Our CPDT committee members.