Green Office Program

Green Office Certification Program


The Green Office Certification Program is a tool for departments or divisions to use to improve sustainable practices and to keep with the College's Sustainability Core Value.


Global benefits
Small actions taken by departments translate into big positive impacts. For example, Lane does two times more printing per employee than comparator colleges. If we all work together to reduce our printing and copying, we could annually save 263 trees and 200 tons of carbon emissions and $400,000 in paper and printing costs. The Green Office Certification Program is a fun, easy, and rewarding tool that departments can use to contribute to these larger efforts.

Reward system
When your department/division receives certification, you win a prize of your choice that will contribute to the comfort, happiness, and sustainability of your office! Prize options will vary, but may include:

  • An eco-friendly breakroom kit containing reusable mugs, fair trade organic coffee, soap, and more.
  • A gift box of vegetables from the Learning Garden.
  • Watt stopper plug strips.
  • Battery charging kit.
  • Reusable water bottles.
  • Triple Green Star Certification recipients will receive a lunch party for your department made from organic, local ingredients!


  1. Schedule a 15-minute training for your department/division with the Institute for Sustainable Practices by contacting Luis Maggiori at x5884 or at
  2. Designate a Sustainability Ambassador for your department. The Institute for Sustainable Practices will periodically send updates and announcements via your Ambassador. In addition, your Sustainability Ambassadors will receive training and will periodically provide training and encouragement to your department/division.
  3. Complete the Green Office Certification form. Departments that practice at least 18 out of the 25 items listed on the form will be awarded the Green Office Certification. Departments that practice at least 22 out of the 25 items will receive the coveted Triple Green Star Certification!

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