How to Checkout Equipment

How to Checkout Equipment

Current Equipment Checkout Information

Equipment Checkout will be running on a variable schedule throughout the pandemic. Please contact your instructor for hours of operation. For additional information please contact

Equipment is only available to students that are currently enrolled in Multimedia, Graphic Design and Digital Photography classes.

Equipment Checkout Location

Building 18, 2nd floor
Phone: 541-463-5689

Step 1 -­ Register in Advance

Student must set up an account in person at the checkout window in Building 18. Students are required to present a Valid Photo ID and a Current Copy of their Schedule highlighting their enrollment in the appropriate class.

Step 2 -­ Reserve Equipment

Contact Equipment Checkout in person or through e­mail detailing what equipment is needed and the date and time equipment is requested for.
Note: Reservations must be placed 24 ­hours in advance.

Step 3 -­ Pickup/Checkout Gear

  • Arrive to the checkout window during hours of operation, giving yourself adequate time in the event that there are students in line ahead of you.
  • Show the checkout operator your photo ID to bring up your account and/or reservation.
  • Verify items and equipment being checked out to you. You are claiming complete responsibility for the equipment while it is in your possession.

Step 4 ­- Returning Equipment

  • Ensure all parts are included, clean, coiled and properly stored. Ensure that the checkout operator has verified all equipment and accessories are returned and accounted for. If you are late returning equipment You Will Be Fined.
  • If you run into conflict call us immediately
  • If you are negligent and cause loss or damage, you will be billed for repair or replacement of the gear.
  • You are responsible to ensure that all items and parts are accounted for when you pick up and return the gear.

Hours of operation may change term to term so call ahead for the current hours of operation.