Speech and Communication Studies Department

Speech and Communication Studies Department

The Department of Speech and Communication Studies serves all other college departments and prepares students for four-year colleges and universities by providing required courses in speech and communication. Our courses are designed to foster students' appreciation for the centrality and complexity of communication, to build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively, and to promote their sense of responsibility for communicating capably. The ultimate goal of our program is to develop sensitive and adaptable communicators, in sending and in responding to messages.

For those students seeking speech and communication experience beyond the Lane Community College campus confines, our department sponsors a speech and debate club.

2018 Faculty Recognition Award

Faculty Recognition Award with Class

Speech and Communication Studies faculty member Deborah Hermach has won the 2018 faculty recognition award. The award is given to faculty members every year based on nominations by their students, college staff, and faculty colleagues.

Faculty Award with Deborah Hermach

Congratulations, Deborah!