Honors Advising

Each honors student is expected to take responsibility for charting their academic degree and transfer goals in collaboration with both a program advisor and the Honors Faculty Coordinator.

The program advisor for your major will help you develop a degree plan that is specific to your major and transfer institution. Advisors are listed by program of study on the Advisors page.

Your program advisor will help you determine how your honors classes will fit into your degree plan. It is important to meet with that person during your first term as an honors student and once a term thereafter to check in and update your degree plan if necessary.

You should also meet once a term with the Honors Faculty Coordinator, Ce Rosenow, to review upcoming course offerings and your honors term-by-term planner.

Honors Program Student Checklist

  • Attend an Honors Program Orientation.
  • Meet with your program/major advisor to draft your degree plan and a detailed term-by-term planner indicating the classes you will need to take each term in order to complete your degree.
  • Meet with the Honors Faculty Coordinator to plan how to incorporate Honors Program requirements into your degree and transfer plan (Honors Program requirements are to complete two honors seminars, four honors classes, and fulfill your experiential learning component).
  • Meet with Gerry Meenaghan to select an experiential learning component and then communicate this to the honors admin coordinator.
  • Complete four honors classes and/or options.
  • Fulfill your experiential learning component.
  • If dropping or leaving the Honors Program for any reason, communicate this directly to
  • Contact the Honors Faculty Coordinator at the beginning of the term you plan to graduate so they can arrange the details of your Honors Program transcript and diploma recognition and provide graduation ceremony details.