Presidents Circle Awardees

Presidents Circle Awardees

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The President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
2017 Awardees

President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
INDIVIDUAL: Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts and James Ellison

photo of James Ellison and Julie Aspinwall-LambertsDedication to education, commitment to students, and transforming lives informed thework of Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts and Jim Ellison in the 20 years they spent at Lane Community College. Julie spent her time at LCC in the Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Department, and Jim worked his way up from part-time faculty member to Vice President of Instruction. 
Julie and Jim both retired from Lane in 1995, but they continued their commitment to education and to Lane through organizational training in diversity. They also increased their financial support of the Foundation, each establishing scholarship endowments and setting up planned gifts to grow those endowments in the future. Jim’s scholarship supports diversity while Julie’s supports+ survivors of domestic violence.

Jim passed away in November 2016, but his devotion to Lane and to student success will live on each year through his scholarship and the lives that will be impacted by his support. When looking ahead to the future, Julie recognizes the importance of scholarships, knowing their contributions will continue to make a lasting difference for Lane students. “Scholarships provide stability and create a safety net for students. We want them to know that we are going to be here for them.”

President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
BUSINESS: PeaceHealth Oregon Region

photo of Jeff Larsen, PeaceHealth and President SpildeFor more than 15 years, PeaceHealth Oregon Region has generously provided faculty salary support for Lane’s Nursing Program. President’s Circle members since 2001, and donors to the Foundation since 1996, PeaceHealth has also made significant in-kind donations of medical equipment to help train students, and were major donors to the construction of the Health & Wellness Building. PeaceHealth also offers clinical placements for students in Lane’s Nursing Program, which offers our students invaluable real-world experience in their relevant work field. Additionally, PeaceHealth is a critical sustainer of Lane’s Medical Office Assistant Program, which trains students to work in ambulatory settings performing administrative and clinical duties. The Medical Office Assistant Program has an 80% job placement rate in the last five years, and a 100% student satisfaction rate during the same period. PeaceHealth Oregon Region is an invaluable partner to Lane’s Nursing Program and the Health Professions Division which helps to train the medical professionals of tomorrow.

President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
FOUNDATION: The Tykeson Family Charitable Trust

photo of Amy Tykeson and President SpildeThe Tykeson Family Charitable Trust has been a long-time supporter of Lane Community College for more than 30 years. Founded by Don and Willie Tykeson, the Trust has been a member of the President’s Circle since 1999. The Trust played a significant role in supporting the transformation of the college’s Center Building into a 21st-century learning commons at the heart of Lane’s main campus. Additionally, they were the lead donors towards the creation of the Health and Wellness Building. The Trust has also contributed to the LCC Art Gallery and Shining Star Scholarships, and has been a Harvest Dinner sponsor since 2005.

The President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy 2016 Awardees

President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
INDIVIDUAL: Niles and Mary Ann Hanson

photo of Niles and Mary Ann Hanson, with President SpildeNiles and Mary Ann Hanson’s dedication to the arts, and commitment to alleviating students’ struggles, shines through in all they do. The Hanson’s have been members of the President’s Circle since 1998. They share their passion for music education with 10 students each year through Music Scholarships and a season pass to the Eugene Symphony for inspiration. Niles and Mary Ann view Lane, themselves, and their scholarship recipients as the three legs of a stool, all dependent upon each other for success, and we are thankful for their joyful generosity.

President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
BUSINESS: Bi-Mart Corporation

photo of Rich Truett, Bi-Mart and President Spilde

Since 1955, Bi-Mart has supported the communities it serves, with stores throughout the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Bi-Mart has been a member of the President’s Circle since 1999 and has donated over a quarter of million dollars to support deserving LCC Students. Bi-Mart has sponsored Business scholarships, Lane Athletics, Computer Information Sciences, and Diesel Technology. Bi-Mart invests in the education of the local workforce and offer partial tuition reimbursement for employees to continue their educational pursuits.

President’s Circle Award for Philanthropy
FOUNDATION: The Haugland Family Foundation

photo of Alex Haugland and President Spilde

The Haugland Family focuses on education, healthcare, the arts, women and girls. The Haugland Family Foundation has been a member of the president’s circle since 2001, and since then has given almost $2.5 million to lane community college. They have provided generous scholarships to scores of lane students, and contributed to capital projects such as the Health and Wellness center and, most recently, the center for learning and student success. The Haugland family’s support and commitment to education has had a tremendous impact on student success at Lane.

The President's Circle Award for Philanthropy
2015 Awardees

Douglas McKayCoeta & Donald Barker Foundation | Papé Group

President's Circle Award for Philanthropy
INDIVIDUAL: J. Douglas McKay

photo of Doug McKayDoug McKay's profound sense of civic responsibility and dedication to the Lane County community, as well as his commitment to removing barriers to education, are qualities that the College and Foundation truly value.

Doug is a member and manager of McKay Commercial Properties, developing and managing retail, industrial, and office property. He has served on many local boards and currently is a member of the LCC Foundation Board of Trustees.

Doug appreciates the importance of access to higher education and the impact it has on our community. He has been a member of the LCC President's Circle since 2009, and has generously donated to the LCC Foundation since 1987. He is a lead donor to our current campaign for the Center for Learning and Student Success, which will transform learning at the heart of Lane's campus. Doug was instrumental in the success of Lane's Opening Doors campaign with his transformative gift towards construction of our Health and Wellness Center. He is a regular sponsor of the Foundation's Harvest Dinner, and a supporter of the Foundation's Shining Star Scholarships.

President's Circle Award for Philanthropy
FOUNDATION: Coeta & Donald Barker Foundation

photo of Coeta BarkerCoeta and Donald Barker met right here in Eugene, She was a real estate broker working in Seattle and Eugene. He was an Oregonian and owned Barker Timber Company. They married in 1972 and established the Donald R. Barker Foundation in 1977. When Don passed away in 1980, Coeta continued to support organizations in Oregon through her foundation, renaming it The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation.

One of Coeta's primary causes was health care education, and through her Foundation she aimed to address the nursing shortage long before it became a national public health concern. Although Coeta passed away in 2005, the Barker Foundation continues to honor her commitment to nursing education, in 2010 they established a scholarship endowment for nursing students at LCC. In recent years, the Barker Foundation trustees have expressed interest in expanding their support to include veteran services. This winter, they awarded generous grant to assist in the creation of a veteran-specific student handbook and orientation at Lane Community College.

President's Circle Award for Philanthropy
BUSINESS: Papé Group

photo of Susie PapéThe Papé Group is a fourth generation family-owned and -operated capital equipment company committed to keeping its customers moving with outstanding equipment and unparalleled customer service. Since it was founded by E.C. Papé in 1938, The Papé Group has grown to meet customer needs in eight Western States, and is among the largest privately-held companies in Oregon.

In 1998, The Papé Group's President and CEO Randy Papé and his wife Susie, established The Papé Endowed Scholarship Fund at Lane Community College, providing scholarships to deserving students preparing for careers in diesel, construction, nursing, or Lane Aviation Academy. Since Randy's passing in 2008, Susie has continued to lead The Papé Group's generous commitment to giving back to the community as The Papé Scholarship Endowment Fund has grown to more than $164,000. In addition to providing scholarships, The Papé Group has enhanced LCC students classroom studies with valuable hands-on experience by providing LCC with equipment for students to study and work on during their time in the program.

Philanthropy is central to The Papé Group's mission. For The Papé Group, philanthropy is a core value, and a commitment to help improve the communities they are located in.

The President's Circle Award for Philanthropy - 2014 Awardees

President's Award for Foundation: The Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund

photo of Nancy Stark and Mike McDowellThrough the Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund, Weyerhaeuser has made a significant impact in the communities, like Lane County, in which it has a significant presence. Gifts from the fund are directed by local employees serving on local advisory boards.

Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund's philanthropy is in line with the company's values of working safely, acting with integrity, being responsible stewards of the environment, and giving back to their operating communities. The Fund's focus is on affordable housing and shelter, education and youth development, environmental stewardship, human services, and civic and cultural growth.

Weyerhaeuser has been giving to the Lane Community College Foundation at the President's Circle level since 1975. They have funded business, diversity, and advanced technology scholarships for Lane students. Through these scholarships, Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund has invested in the education of more than ninety students at Lane Community College. They have also made significant contributions to Lane programs including the Theatre, Welding, Computer Information Technology and Culinary and Hospitality programs.

President's Award for Corporation: The Register-Guard

photo of Ted and Marie BakerThe Guard was first established in 1867 by J.B. Alexander. Alton F. Baker, purchased the paper in 1927, acquired the competing Register and merged the two into today's Register-Guard.

Early in his tenure as publisher, Baker adopted an editorial-page statement of purpose – "A Newspaper Is a Citizen of Its Community" – that remains in place to this day. Since then, The Register-Guard has endeavored to be a community leader, producing news that informs on issues of local interest and editorials that help shape public opinion and discussion of matters of community importance.

The leaders of The Register-Guard are active in the community, supporting worthy events and charitable causes. Through financial contributions and volunteerism, the Baker family has earnestly sought to set an example of good corporate citizenship.

The Register-Guard is a strong supporter of Lane Community College Foundation and has been a member of the Presidents' Circle since 1979. Aside from their multiple scholarships, they are sponsors of the annual Harvest Dinner, contributors to the Health and Wellness Building, and have given to the Culinary Arts Program. Lane is also a participant and beneficiary of the Community Leaders Together program, a group of local businesses and non-profits that have joined together with The Register-Guard and the United Way to encourage volunteerism and philanthropy across Lane County. The Register-Guard has truly been a "Partner in Building a Better Future."

President's Award for Individual- Jane Stevens King

photo of Jane KingJane King grew up in the small town of Lithopolis, Ohio. Her childhood passion was reading. The public library was only two doors down from her home, and each week the librarian would put aside new books for Jane so she could read them first.

Jane met her husband, Don, while attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. They married in 1944 and began a family. When their children entered school, Jane decided to go back to college. Her early passion for reading led her to earn a master's degree in remedial and diagnostic education.

Jane and Don moved to Eugene in 1984. Jane's hunger for lifelong learning led her to Lane Community College. In 1990, she enrolled in an intensive, year-long, interdisciplinary program at Lane which blended philosophy, history, writing, and acting.

Jane has been a member of the President's Circle since 1992. In 1999 Jane made a significant contribution which led to the creation of Reading Together, an inclusive, culturally enriching, community building project for students, staff, faculty, and community members.

In 2004, Jane made a generous gift to establish the Jane Stevens King Endowment. Her vision is to promote a sense of community at Lane through innovative and unique educational opportunities for future generations.