SAP Calculator

Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculator

This calculator will help you project your cumulative completion rate and cumulative GPA, as measured by Financial Aid SAP Standards. You will need to pull information from your unofficial Lane credit transcript. Your transcript can be accessed in ExpressLane. Learn more about interpreting your transcript.

Please note that credits you have passed repeatedly that cannot be counted more than once toward your program of study are excluded from your passed credits. However, they are included in your attempted credits. Check the "repeated course" box if BOTH of the following conditions apply:

  1. You've earned credit for this course in the past (i.e., received a grade of 'D-' or higher or 'P') and
  2. This course is not marked as "Repeatable" in the course catalog for your program.

IMPORTANT: While this calculator will provide you with your term completion rate and term GPA, this is for your information only and is not a measurement of SAP. Your cumulative results will appear in the colored box below.

You can find out more about Satisfactory Academic Progress. Learn more about Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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Total Transfer    
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Current Cumulative GPA:
This Term
Course Repeated Course Grade Credits
Your projected GPA for this term is:
Your projected completion rate for this term is:

SAP Results

Projected Attempted Hours:  
Projected Passed Hours:  
Projected Completion Rate:  
Projected New Cumulative GPA:  

Understanding Your Results

At the end of the term, if your cumulative attempted hours total: To meet the cumulative completion rate requirement, you must pass: To meet the cumulative GPA requirement, your Lane GPA must be:
1-16 credits 67% of all attempted credit hours No minimum requirement
17 + credits 67% of all attempted credit hours 2.00 or higher

For more detail, visit the Lane SAP page