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The Nursing Assistant 1 program will be offered again soon! Please visit this page for announcements and other details.

Informational Meetings:

Informational Meetings are conducted to provide the necessary guidance for Nursing Assistant students and answer questions as they start the program. Schedule of meetings to be announced soon!

Nursing Assistant 1 Program Information

The Nursing Assistant 1 program provides the student with the skills to perform basic level nursing care. Content includes introduction to health care facilities, role of the nursing assistant, communication, medical terminology, basic body structure and function, patient needs, basic growth and development, preventing infection, body mechanics, and much more. This program is approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

nursing students in classUpon successful completion of this noncredit course, students may sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing certification exam for nursing assistants at an additional fee.

One Term Only: The Nursing Assistant 1 course is one term only. It is split into two components, classroom/lab and clinical:

Nursing Assistant Class: Part One - Classroom

Upon successful completion of the Nursing Assistant Classroom/Lab component, you will be eligible to participate in the Clinical component of the Nursing Assistant Program (successful completion of the Classroom/Lab component is a prerequisite to participation in the clinical component of this program).

The Clinical Component of this program, and successful completion of the clinical component, is required in order to sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Cost of the class includes Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider CPR card (approx. $60 value) and the textbook and workbook (approx. $80 value). Class enrollment is currently limited to 10 students.

Nursing Assistant Clinical: Part Two - Clinical

This is part two of a two part class. You must successfully complete Nursing Assistant Class - Part One, in order to progress to Nursing Assistant Clinical - Part Two. This class is designed to give the student a course of practice of basic level nursing care and skills.

Remember to Save Your Receipts

If hired by a licensed nursing facility, students are able to apply for reimbursement for eligible items. You are encouraged to start a file wherein you can maintain the Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) reimbursement form and original receipts from all eligible incurred costs of this course.

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