Limited Maintenance Electricians Apprenticeship

Limited maintenance electrician workingApprenticeship Program - Limited Maintenance Electricians

Trade Coordinator: Randall Tyle
Phone: 541-344-6473

Apprenticeship Opportunities Statewide

Job Description
Limited maintenance electricians maintain, repair and replace electrical installations on the premises of industrial plants where the individual is employed, or on electrical systems that are less than 600 volts phase to phase on the premises of commercial office buildings or buildings occupied by the state or a local government entity where the individual is employed.


  • H.S. Diploma or GED (GED score of 255/2300)
  • Minimum of one year of high school algebra with a grade of 'C' or better (or equivalent)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • This program is only open to employees of training agents already registered with the local apprenticeship committee.

*Local apprenticeship committee may require additional qualifications.

Working Conditions
This work can be dirty and strenuous, with considerable standing, bending and reaching. Tools used include electrical metering devices, cable pulling devices, electrical hand tools, soldering tools, hammers, drills and side cutters. Hazards include electric shock, burns, falls and falling objects.

Average Journey-level Wage
$33.90 per hour

Recommended High School or College Courses

  • Trade Skills Fundamentals
  • Physics
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Drafting
  • Algebra I & II
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Geometry
  • National Electric Code
  • Trigonometry
  • Electrical related
  • Integer Math
  • Electronics
  • Calculus

Length of Apprenticeship
This apprenticeship lasts about two years. Apprentices must complete a minimum of 144 related classroom hours per year and a total of 4,000 on-the-job training hours.

Associate of Applied Science Degree - ** Catalog Listing
Lane's AAS degree in Electrical Apprenticeship Technologies can be earned once a student meets the requirements for both related training and general education.