Roger Ebbage

Program Coordinator


Mary Spilde Downtown Center - 4th Floor - 412A


(541) 463-3670

Having an interest in passive solar building design beginning in the early eighties, Roger was able to convince a Science Division hiring team to bring him on as the LCC Energy Management Program Coordinator in 1992. Since that time he's been working with an exceptional instructional/support staff and energy colleagues (SOLARC, EWEB, BPA, IREC, NWPPA, NEEA, NEEC) throughout the Northwest/US to develop what has become the national model for energy education.

In 1998 through a contract with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Roger created the Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute providing practitioner professional development opportunities nationally and internationally and has been honored by the Association of Professional Energy Managers, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and the Community College League for Innovation with achievement awards. Roger's particular professional interests include working with students who are entering and working through the LCC two year Energy and Water degree programs resulting in meaningful employment, and assisting other community colleges with creating their own energy related programs.

Serves as Advisor for...

  • Energy and Building Controls related programs
  • Water Conservation Programs
  • Solar and Renewable Energy Technicians

Professional trainings and education offered through the Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute (NWEEI)

Other responsibilities:

  • Instructor for Introduction to Energy Management

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