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Biology - Majors Courses

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BI 211 Principles of Biology 1
Cellular Foundations: This course covers the molecular, cellular, and genetic bases of biology. We explore evolutionary hypotheses for the evolution of the cell. Labs include models of cellular processes and structures. This course replaces BI 201.

BI 212 Principles of Biology 2
Comparative Physiology, The Botany and Zoology instructors are creating a new combined course that studies physiology in plants and animals. We cover topics from homeostasis to tissue-level organization, to organ systems. Evolution of multicellularity in plants and animals will be explored. This course replaces BOT 202 and Z 202.

BOT 213 - Principles of Botany
Flowering Plants: An introduction to plant ecology and the characteristics of the flowering plants. We study major evolutionary trends in flowering plants and explore ecological mechanisms and selective pressures that underlay those trends. At least half the instruction takes place in the field during 3-hour class sessions and several all-day trips to explore coastal, montane, and high desert habitats. This course replaces BOT 203.

Z 213 - Principles of Zoology Spring Term
Vertebrates - We study the phylogeny and evolution of vertebrates Spring Term. Cladistics are emphasized, which is the study of evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms. Population genetics and some simple statistical analysis rounds out the year. This course replaces Z 203.