Welcome to the Biology Discipline!

Milkweed plant with caterpillar
Milkweed plants in the Native
Landscape Project surround the
Math-Science Bldg (#16). Milkweeds
are host plants for Monarch Butterflies
and their larvae. photo by G.A. Baker

Learning biology at Lane Community College is exciting and rewarding. Our excellent faculty teaches more than 20 different courses in Biology over four terms! Our classes present material using hands-on labs, and a variety of media, pedagogies and technologies. We offer a wide range of resources, including the greenhouse, the wet lab, the herbarium, the outdoor classroom, and the native landscape. We make extensive use of computer programs and web-related exercises and conduct field trips to areas as diverse as the Oregon Coast, the Cascade Mountains, Costa Rica, and our own campus ecosystem!

The Biology discipline offers two tracks of coursework: a 200 level sequence of in-depth courses for majors going into the field of Biology, and non-science majors courses that provide transfer credit as a lecture lab 4-credit science class. Our track descriptions are found here Biology Track Descriptions.

Sword Fern sorus before releasing spores
Student Photograph from Bi-212
Principles of Biology Plant Diversity
Lab Sword Fern sorus before
releasing spores.

Lane's Biology Department is involved in a variety of projects where student participation is welcomed. These include:

Longhouse Area - A description of Native plants selected by Oregon's federally recognized Native Tribes.

Attending classes at Lane

Lane’s main campus is tucked into the foothills of the Oregon Cascades, providing a stunning landscape for your education. With incredible resources on campus like advising, tutoring services, the library, First Year Experience and so many more, you have the opportunity to make the most out of your degree. Lane also offers student housing at Titan Court in downtown Eugene, next to our Mary Spilde Center. Ready to learn more? Schedule a campus tour to explore our beautiful campus and amazing facilities.