Tech Services

Tech Services

The LCC Public Safety Tech Team is staffed by officers who, along with their patrol duties, care for and manage all Public Safety electronic systems.

The Tech Team is made up of Public Safety officers who have expressed an interest and aptitude in computer maintenance, database management, radio operation and video surveillance.

The team manages Symmetry (a system by AMAG) that is used as the access control system. This system provides after-hours access to staff and controls the daily schedule for buildings and classrooms. Some noteworthy responsibilities of this group include:

Managing access for over 2000 employees, updating as needed for new work assignments. We also provide access cards to the new Titan Court student apartments located in downtown Eugene, Oregon to maintain a safe and secure living environment. At the request of administrators or cardholders, deactivate and replace damaged or lost or stolen access cards. The teams monitors use of inactive cards (lost, stolen, terminated employee, etc.) at any of our 2565 readers spread across the main, downtown academic and downtown residence locations. As with complex systems, this team is tasked with assisting in troubleshooting system hardware, programming and integration issues as they come to light insuring a transparent access for the campus community. The team is involved in consultation for control systems for branch campuses, new buildings and renovations working closely with architects and engineers proposing, evaluating, and best practice designs. The team monitors and troubleshoots a third party software designed specifically for Lane Community College that integrates automated responses to on class and event scheduling through a 25-Live web based platform. To maintain efficiency, the team holds periodic training for new and current staff in the basic operations, functions and services of these systems.

The Tech Team is responsible for all video surveillance assets on all of Lane Community College campus, local and branch locations. This includes consultation in best practices for coverage and archiving within industry standards. The team services requests for new or additional coverage by stakeholders around the campus, providing a professional evaluation focused on staff safety, asset retention, crime prevention and criminal investigation potential. Lane Community College currently has in excess of 50 video surveillance locations, not including the branch or satellite locations. Periodic training is conducted to maintain the basic skills of reviewing and archiving event specific time frames to assist in their investigations.

The tech team monitors and trains line officers in the operation of the fire alarm / mass notification systems for Lane Community College's main campus and Mary Spilde Downtown Center.

The team maintains archives of conversations from approximately 10 desktop telephones and three (3) cellular telephones for quality assurance, investigative needs and liability mitigation. As needed, the team will research telephone conversations and archive and package them for use in investigations and potentially adjudication. The same system is used for recording radio traffic and can be used for After Action Reports on major incidents and for training.

The Lane Community College Public Safety Department has approximately 15 desktop workstations and three (3) laptop computers for the 30 plus officers and staff to use in the performance of their duties. Each workstation has a unique login/password set for the individuals to maintain the security features required for confidential information. Since the department is a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year operation, maintenance and installation of specialized and/or secure software is a top priority. The tech team has the responsibility for optimal operation of those resources. Some of these specialized software packages are CrimeStar © Law Enforcement Management System used to document incidents, contacts and enforcement actions by the officers. Use of this program allows research of Crime Statistics for Intelligence-Led Policing, resource allocation and data collection for federally mandated Clery Act statistics and reports. The tech team does periodic data integrity checks, provides secure access, develops and prints reports as needed for either hearings or crime analysis, and research as needed. Since it is a specialized program, training for new officers and support staff is critical for clean data collection. As new improvements are made to the system, the tech team does revision specific training for all officers as needed.

As part of the daily operation of Lane Community College Public Safety, resources such as the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Law Enforcement Data Service (LEDS) provide information for criminal investigations and increases safety of officers during person contacts. The tech team is responsible for maintaining the secure link through our partners in the Information Technology (IT) Department of Lane Community College and provides background checks and training for the privilege of access to this data. The tech team also trains on "Direct DMV Access" software for our mission of parking and traffic enforcement on campus.

The Public Safety Web Page ( is designed as a community outreach, information dissemination portal and public information access point. It is vital that the tech team maintains a fresh appealing and informative presence to assist in promoting Public Safety's mission and goals.

The tech team staff has also developed an in-house database used to assist in managing scheduled patrol hours, vehicle maintenance schedules, site integrity and abandoned vehicles.

Radio communication, an important aspect of operations, also falls under the purview of the tech team. The tasks of training and coordinating interoperability with our outside partners, locating and enhancing equipment, proposing new technology and ensuring clear secure communications for normal and emergency operations is essential to the safety of the officers and the campus community.

The tech team trains staff on technology resources for investigations and continues search for new and innovative methods of data collection. These include searching social media, using a private sector locating program and image comparison searches.

The tech team also does All Hazard Emergency trainings that integrate the use of a gas sensor, Geiger counter and emergency escape personal fire hoods.

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