Field Training Officers

Field Training Officers

Public Safety Field Training Program

All officers who are hired in Public Safety, after successfully finishing the Academy, must complete the department's Field Training Program (FTP). The FTP period lasts approx. 4 to 5 weeks, and is designed to give new officers on-the-job training under the guidance of a Field Training Officer (FTO). FTO's show recruits how to perform job functions, such as patrol, conducting investigations, making arrests, performing traffic stops, etc, then the new officers perform these same functions under the FTO's watchful eye. Recruits are evaluated after each shift worked and must pass certain standardized criteria before being allowed to work on their own.

Field Training Officer Minimum Qualifications

The Field Training Officer must have the combined skills of an experienced officer and a patient teacher/coach. He must be a leader and a "Role Model" not only for the recruit, but his peers as well. The FTO's job is particularly difficult because he will be required to supervise the recruit, but temper this supervisory image with empathy for the new employee. Motivation and innovation are two other character traits that the FTO should possess and pass on to the new officer. With these responsibilities in mind, one can see why the selection process is vital and must cover numerous aspects of the Officer's past and present career as well as their attitudes and expectations for the future.

The following requirements must be met before the FTO is permitted to train a Public Safety Officer:

  1. Two years of service with the Lane Community College Department of Public Safety. Officers with less than two years can be considered if the needs of Public Safety warrant the selection and the officer is qualified.
  2. Must be recommended by their Chain of Command.
  3. FTO applicants meeting the requirements will be interviewed by the Field Training Coordinator or a person designated by the Chief.
  4. Applicants selected to become FTOs must successfully complete an approved FTO training program prior to assignment.
  5. Applicants must pass a general Public Safety Knowledge test with a minimum score of 90%.

FTO Selection Process

  1. Selection of Field Training Officers will be based on the best officers available for the assignment and those that represent the true mission and values of the Department.
  2. Nominations for Field Training Officer will be accepted from individual officers or Command Staff.
  3. Selection criteria may, but is not limited to, previous performance evaluations, activity levels, complaints and commendations as well as advanced training and formal education.
  4. The Chief of Public Safety will appoint Field Training Officers based upon stated criteria and the recommendations of his/her staff to include the Field Training Coordinator.

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