Bike Team

Bike Team

The LCC Public Safety Bicycle patrol was started about 5 years ago by Sergeant Bill Speicher. He received funding to purchase one police issue bicycle and equipment from the Public Safety Director at the time. Sergeant William Speicher put in for the Eldon Schafer grant and received $1000.00 for the bicycle patrol. This was used to purchase another bicycle and more equipment for the team. The shed was also purchased at this time to house bicycles, and give work space for the bicycles. Corporal Schneider joined the team a little over 4 years ago. Since then the Bike Team has purchased two more bicycles, and increased the members of the team to 8.

Bicycle patrol mandatory dates for riding are April 1-October 1 with the option to change due to weather. Members must ride at least 50% of their regularly scheduled shifts on main campus, and then record these dates and times in an activity log. Officers are not to ride in bad weather or when it is very hot; over 90 degrees.

Corporal Sager is the team's trainer. He also assists in conducting the Testing for team candidates. The test is time/point based and has the officers run to their bicycle, ride a specific distance, then carry their bicycles and place them in a truck. The second portion of the test has obstacles which the officers must navigate through. Any mistakes receive a deduction in points. The officers with the highest points are offered the open slots on the team. Tests are conducted in August to fill any empty spots beginning in April each year.

The length of commitment is two years on the team then the slots open up to be tested for.
Uniform for the bicycle team is a polo shirt, navy blue pants or shorts, black socks, and black shoes. There is a yellow wind breaker jacket for the event of poor weather. Officers are not allowed to wear the bicycle uniform unless they are riding that day.

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