Mission, Vision, & Goals

Concepción “Connie” Mesquita Multicultural Center.

Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission statement:

Our Multicultural Center (MCC) promotes student success through a cultural, academic and social framework in collaboration with college and community partners.

Statement of Principles:

Instructional offerings, programs and events will focus on:

  • Social justice
  • Addressing issues and concerns of race, culture and ethnicity
  • The development of culturally relevant and appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Alignment with college mission, vision, diversity plan and strategic directions

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the relationship and responsibility between self, others and the community
  2. Understand oppressive systems
  3. Exercise leadership in different cultural contexts
  4. Develop competency in navigating institutional systems
  5. Develop an honest and authentic sense of self
  6. Demonstrate cross cultural understanding and cultural competency

Student Life/Student Worker Learning Outcomes

  • Service: Acquire and/or enhance skills to treat others with respect and courtesy, while continuously striving to meet student/staff needs.
  • Critical thinking skills: Acquire and/or enhance skills to guide personal beliefs and actions through observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication.
  • Interpersonal and group skills: Acquire and/or enhance skills to produce mutual benefits so that all group members gain from each other's efforts.
  • Teamwork: Acquire and/or enhance skills to enhance the workplace through collaborations with other employees.
  • Professional skills: Acquire and/or enhance professional workforce skills through trainings and daily work procedures.
  • Appreciation and understanding of differences: Acquire and/or enhance a strong understanding and appreciation of diverse populations through interactions and exposure to growth opportunities.
  • Open communication: Acquire and/or enhance skills to approach reasonable topics and hold discussions leading to resolution.