Speech and Communication Studies Department

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The Speech and Communication Studies discipline is not only about speechmaking. Our department does offer performance classes, but it also offers theory classes to improve your understanding of how communication works in different contexts, including from the listener's perspective.


  • Winter Term: COMM 265 - Environmental Communication

    Environmental Communication will prepare students for today's rhetorical challenges as they seek to communication about environmental issues in ways that will promote sustainability of communities and ecosystems. This course will be useful for anyone who intends to understand the persuasive strategies used by advocates to defend their outlooks about the environment. Students will apply these principles in papers and oral presentations.  

    Offered Winter Term 2020, Tuesday & Thursday 12:00pm-1:50pm with Daniel Henry, CRN 33012

Performance and skill-based classes

  • Listening and Critical Thinking**
  • Public Speaking*
  • Persuasive Speech*
  • Business and Professional Speech*
  • Small Group Discussion*
  • Forensics (speech and debate)
  • Voice and Articulation**

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Communication Theory Classes

  • Basic Communication*
  • Intercultural Communication** °
  • Interpersonal Communication*
  • Communication, Gender, and Culture°

* Meets the AAOT Oral Communication requirement
** Recommended for international students and English language learners
° Meets the AAOT Diversity requirement

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