LaneStarter is evolving!

Check back soon for details.

The LaneStarter application model has changed from previous years. We've streamlined the process and made it more interactive to encourage employees across all areas of campus to pitch their ideas for entrepreneurial college activities.

LaneStarter funding is one-time funding for ideas that: 

  • generate net revenue for the college,
  • increase enrollment, or
  • improve retention
LaneStarter IS... LaneStarter IS NOT...
funding for innovative, untested ideas a way to supplement standard department work or activities
support for entrepreneurial projects that generate revenue, increase enrollment, or improve retention support for planned recruitment or retention activities
funding with a request for regular status updates to the LaneStarter committee renewable or transferable to non-approved projects

short-term, trial period funding for an innovative project

permanent funding for long-term operation costs

The LaneStarter concept arose out of the Entrepreneurial Conversations held during the 2013-2014 academic year as a way to incentivize and support forward thinking entrepreneurial activities. Each year the Finance & Administration Office will award LaneStarter money to support the incubation of entrepreneurial ideas that support Lane's Mission, Core Values and Strategic Directions. Funding of $50,000 is available annually, awarded in $1,000 to $10,000 increments based upon project plans and requirements.

LaneStarter Process:

  1. Discuss the concept with your Dean or Director.
  2. Send an email describing your idea to
  3. At a pre-scheduled date and time, pitch your idea to the LaneStarter Review Committee. The committee will ask questions to determine the feasibility, evaluate the information you provide, and gain an understanding of your idea and how it would be operationalized. Please provide as much detail as possible about projected costs and measurable results. 
  4. The LaneStarter Review Committee will contact all applicants to approve or deny each proposal. If your project is approved, we'll transfer funds and you cans start working on your idea! 
  5. Funded applicants will be asked to submit quarterly status updates to the LaneStarter Review Committee.
  6. Funding may be awarded incrementally for up to two years, contingent upon progress toward project goals and objectives.

LaneStarter Review/Funding Criteria:

  1. Alignment with mission
  2. Alignment with core values
  3. Alignment with strategic direction goals
  4. Demonstrated need/market
  5. Strength of concept
  6. Strength of plan
  7. Feasibility
  8. Estimated return on investment
  9. College impact

Funded Projects