Part Time Advising

Part-time Advising Form

Congratulations on being admitted to Lane as a part-time student! Your application is complete, and your next step is to be cleared to register. Please complete the form below to request clearance. You will receive an email once you are cleared to register.

If you have not completed the New Student Information Session or you are unsure, please click on the link below now and then come back to this form when you are finished:

New Student Information Session

Academic Advising

Academic advisors are able to answer questions you have about Lane classes. In many cases, they can clear you to register based on the information you provide in this form. If you prefer to meet in person, we are happy to meet with you.

Make sure your current school name and your full name are visible on your transcript. We accept PDF and JPG file types.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf.